About Adelphi Access

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What are we?

Adelphi Access is an insight-led global consultancy dedicated to helping our clients develop winning commercial strategies for today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare markets.

Why do we exist?

Market success is getting the right medicines to the patients who need them at a commercially viable price; it relies on ensuring that all those involved in making the decisions are convinced that the benefits justify the investment.

We exist to give our clients honest and practical advice about the collective decision making that will be made about their brand, to help them evaluate their options and, ultimately, position their brand for success.


Who are we?

We’re a team of consultants who want to work on interesting challenges and genuinely enjoy helping people solve their problems. It’s all about healthcare for a reason: we’re passionate about helping making the right change happen and believe we have the experience, knowledge and curiosity to make a difference.

Our people provide consultancy advice across a wide range of client and therapy areas. We are experts in international healthcare systems and the customers within them. Importantly, we’re not afraid to speak our minds; our clients value our honest and informed opinion.

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What do we do?

fairly lights resized shadow2In its purest form, our offer is simply advice to help define what ‘success’ looks like for a brand, and determine the best course of action to achieve it. We can give this advice based on our experience and expertise, and because we have worked hard to develop a framework that places all customers at the core of strategy development.

Many of our projects also require insight gathering to underpin this framework, combining this with a number of additional strands in order to deliver a robust solution:

We are experts at understanding different healthcare systems and stakeholders involved in reimbursement and formulary placement decisions. We pride ourselves on knowing which of these customers are relevant to our clients’ decisions and we have a strong global network who we can consult formally and informally to gain high quality insights.

We have the kind of analytical capability required to address the complexities of clients’ business issues and really test the viability of strategic options.

We benefit from our position within the Adelphi Group; the capabilities of our sister companies include medical and values communications, market research and real world disease understanding.

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What kind of projects do we do?

What we do translates into a variety of projects supporting global brand and franchise teams across all stages of strategy development, and in the face of specific challenges. These include:

1. Market opportunity mapping

2. Rational and emotional payer value driver research

3. Assessment of commercial opportunities

4. Brand strategy development

5. Evaluation of price, reimbursement and access potential

6. Assessment of value arguments and evidence.



How do we do it?

ideas shadowOur approach varies with each brand challenge we meet. Sometimes we talk to a client and can immediately see all the steps that need to happen in order to inform a clear path forward. Other times, we might say, “We’ve never done exactly what you need to do before (and we’re pretty sure no-one else has!), but we think we can get what you need and here’s how we’d go about it”. However, some aspects of our approach don’t change:

  • We like to work early – we believe that when you set your Phase III trial design you have essentially designed your brand.
  • We get a better result when we collaborate, engage and use everyone’s ability.
  • Every big idea has to be underpinned by knowledge and a deep understanding of customer needs.
  • Ideas need to be grounded in a practical way forward, not just left as a concept.
  • We have to reliably anticipate what’s coming in order to give the best advice.
  • We take inspiration from a wide variety of sources to keep our perspectives fresh and challenging.